Your quick travel guide to exploring Adelaide; wine tours, airport transfers, shopping, etc.

South Australia’s Adelaide has its own charms. For newcomers, the place has so many things to offer. To make your trip easier for you and your friends, especially if you are first-timers, there are airport transfers Adelaide tourists can choose to get you to and from where you’re staying.



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Shopping adventures


Your trip to Adelaide will not be complete without visiting the Rundle Mall. Many consider it as a major shopping destination where people are required to walk around as vehicles are banned in the surrounding streets since 1976.


It takes about 16 minutes of travel time from Adelaide airport to the Rundle Mall. If you don’t know where the bus routes are or scared of getting scammed by taxis, you may avail the services of Platinum Car Hire. They offer Adelaide airport transfers to and from virtually anywhere you’re staying in the city.


You can also use ride-sharing apps. But, you may never know if you’ll get the good drivers or the rude ones. Not all drivers of ride-hailing apps are patient and understanding enough for tourists, like you, so it may be a good choice to get a car for hire instead.


Taking a dip at Glenelg beach


Glenelg beach has its classic charm and is perfect for group adventure with friends and family. There are just so many activities to try there. Aside from swimming, you can rent a boat and go fishing. Dinner during sunset is also highly recommended. If you want to go to Glenelg directly after your arrival, you may use airport transfers Adelaide locals use.


Make sure also not to miss the Glenelg Tram which will take you into the city. It gives you a nostalgic feeling as it goes through the old historic route that has been since way back 1873.


If you have a tight schedule and still want to visit Glenelg, you may talk to the people at Platinum Car Hire or send them a message through this page: There are also testimonials on their site from satisfied clients, plus you can receive a quotation for absolutely free. The company also provides airport transfers in Adelaide to Glenelg. Just mention the details, and they will take care of the rest.


Wine tours


Australia is known for its wine. A tour can be arranged via specific operators and will include stops in wineries, such as D’Arrenberg, Wirra Wirra, and Chocolate Factory among others. Taste the best wines Adelaide has to offer without thinking about how you could come home in one piece.


The McLaren Vale Winery Tour, for example, is perfect after lunch time as its estimate tour time is 6.5 hours. For more information about it, please visit


In the end, there are different things to do in Adelaide and getting lost could take precious time away from your itineraries. Commuting is an adventure itself, but may not be for other people. For one, traffic in Adelaide could be unpredictable. Getting scheduled chauffeur services is much easier and more convenient.


Platinum Car Hire offers not only airport transfers Adelaide tourists can enjoy, but they can also accommodate VIPs and corporate executives visiting in town for meetings or conferences.


It is not hard to find airport transfers Adelaide tourists use, call this number, 0419032619, or send an email at [email protected]. Just book and go; no waiting time wasted means more time to relax and have fun in Adelaide.